Mercury Removal

a specialty sulfur impregnated, coal-based activated carbon. It was specifically developed for the removal of Mercury (Hg), which is difficult to remove by other adsorbents including standard activated carbon.

a high activity, maximum absorption capacity, metal suflide based catalyst for the removal of trace Hg and other heavy metals in liquid or vapor phase hydrocarbon streams up to Butane density.

a catalyst which utilizes metal carbonate technology on a binder for Hg & H2S absorption in ambient conditions from NG to Light Hydrocarbon service.

a high capacity, silver promoted 4A type zeolite for the removal of inorganic mercury in hydrocarbon gas applications such as natural gas, naphtha, and refinery off gas. MR-16AG is a uniquely designed product that allows the customer to remove Hg with a regenerable system.

a catalyst which utilizes high metal sulfide content on a binder for Hg absorption in ambient conditions from light to heavy hydrocarbon streams (C3 to Naphtha etc.) applications.