We are the exclusive representative of UNICAT CATALYST TECHNOLOGIES, INC. in Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Croatia, Greece, Georgia, Israel,  Kazahstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Mongolia, Russian Federation, Romania, Serbi, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

     Unicat Catalyst is a leading manufacturer of catalysts and adsorbents for various oil and gas processing processes. Our mission is to advise consumers, organize and support the supply of high-quality Unicat Catalyst products to the end consumers.

     Our company uses the latest scientific achievements in the field of development of effective catalysts and adsorbents of all types for purification and processing of gases and liquid hydrocarbons of various fractions, and we have the flexibility that is not typical for many traditional catalyst & adsorbent market companies. Our research center constantly conducts scientific research, works to improve the efficiency of catalysts and adsorbents, reduce the cost and consumption of catalysts and adsorbents, improve physical and chemical properties, create multifunctional catalysts and adsorbents types.

The company’s product portfolio includes the following products: arsine removal catalyst,  ash3 removal catalyst,  bed grading catalyst, carbonyl sulfide removal catalyst, cos removal catalyst,  h2s removal catalyst,  hcl removal catalyst, mercury removal catalyst, hydrochloric acid removal catalyst, silica removal catalyst, oxygen removal catalyststeam, sulfur removal catalyst, hydrogen production catalyst, hydrogen reforming catalyst, low temperature shift catalyst, medium temperature shift catalyst, high temperature shift catalyst, hydrotreating catalyst supplier, ammonia production catalyst, polymerization catalyst, natural gas purification catalyst, methane reforming catalyst,  PSA adsorbents.


  We are the exclusive representative of VANGUARD CATALYST in Balkan Peninsula, Russian Federation and CIS countries.

   We can produce and supply to you Pt/Pd catalysts. The company’s product portfolio includes the following products: versalite palladium catalyst, selective hydrogenation catalyst, aromatic saturation catalyst, catalytic oxidation catalyst, Deoxo catalyst. Catalysts specification, shape, sizes can be changed based on your request.


   We are the oficially representative of SINOPEC copmany in European Union, Balkan Peninsula, Russian Federation and CIS countries.

   SINOPEC worldwide known as one of main producer of catalysts for Propylene polymerisation, Ethylene, HDPE, LDPE, Vinyl acetate and acrylonitrile production. We have wide experience delivering nowadays products with exceptional services to our customers.