Minerex AG is a well known non-ferrous metal products trading company located in Zollikon, Switzerland. We specialize in serving our customers with the supply of high quality non-ferrous metal products together with associated technological consultancy for improving their productions.

Our handling items cover metal powders (aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, brass, and others), rolled products and other semis (rolled aluminium sheets, copper tubes, copper foils), and recycled feed stock for the non-ferrous base metals production (aluminium scrap, Silicon metal and recycled copper).

We serve customers in following industrial application area:

Metal Powders:

  • Light weight concrete producer (AAC): Aluminminum powder and paste
  • Solar cells: aluminium pastes
  • Paint industry: aluminium powders and paste
  • Explosives production: aluminium powder
  • Aluminio-thermic reaction and other metallurgical application
  • Sinter industry: brass, lead, copper, zinc powders

Rolled products & Semis:

  • Metal article fabrication: rolled aluminium sheets and strips
  • Electronics material (Copper clad laminates): Copper foil
  • Refrigiration and plumbing industry: Copper tubes

Metallurgical feed stocks:

  • Aluminium rolling mills: secondary aluminium ingots
  • Aluminium rolling mills: aluminium scrap
  • Aluminium production: silicon Metal

Refined lead and lead antimony PbSb alloys ingot

  • iCAP 6500 Duo SSEA spectrometer
  • Analytical Spectra Results, ppm

We pride ourselves in our deep technical knowledge and expertise in serving our customers. Our experienced staffs assist the customers in selecting products matching their technical requirements, accompany sample testing, then to the larger production trials to make sure that our products go through the most strict quality standard of the customers. High customer satisfaction and its long standing relationship to Minerex AG is the proof of our success of our approach.