Bad Grading/Refining
Main Bed Processing


a light hydro-desulfurization catalyst for straight run naphtha, kerosene, jet fuel or light distillate service. It is the product of choice for applications with simple HDS requirements from >100 ppm but less than 1000 ppm sulfur content.


a standard grade, NiMo hydrotreating, HDS, and nitrogen removal catalyst for use in applications where a large variety of functions are needed especially in cracked Naphtha, olefin saturation reactors, first stage HDN/HDM of hydrocracker, FCC pretreatment and alike. HT-86 exhibits very good surface area and porosity with stable activity.


a high activity HDS CoMo hydrotreating catalyst for hydro-desulfurization of diesel and cracked naphtha feedstocks. It is well suited for any naphtha and/or diesel application with targeted low sulfur outlet less than 0.5 ppm of sulfur and is able to handle heavy sulfur species requiring hydrotreating.


a NiMo product for applications with high metal content and high Nitrogen content. The product main focus is to remain active while the Si, metal poison rate remains high. As such it has high olefin saturation capability and HDN activity too.


a super high surface area high porosity CoMo based catalyst for tail gas sweetening process for Claus units or similar type operations.