Alloys Ingot

Minerex AG manufactures refined lead ingots in production plant in Russian Federation with production capacity of more than 30'000 tons per year. Around 80% of total production is exported to Asia (mainly to Singapore) and Europa.  Ingots are packed in bundles of 1200 kg where each ingot weights 45 kg. The plant is equipped with modern refining units and sophisticated laboratory .

Refined lead is manufactured according to requested specifications (99.97; 99.98% Pb or Pb 95-97.5% + Sb 2.5-5%).

Analytical Spectra of Refined Lead and Lead-Antimony allyos

iCAP 6500 Duo SSEA spectrometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific, 81 Wyman St., Waltham, MA 02451, USA) has been used.

iCAP 6500 Duo SSEA with direct system control via an external PC data station and included ICP-OES software. The compact unit is bench mounted, providing a simultaneous ICP spectrometer via an RF induced plasma emission source, a purged echelle polychromator and Charge Injection Device (CID) array detector and includes:

  • 4 channel, peristaltic pump under full computer control feeds a standard glass cyclonic spray chamber via a concentric nebulizer.
  •  solid state, free running 27.12MHz RF generator, provides power for the plasma via a load coil around the standard duo torch configuration.

Duo plasma viewing system provides both axial and radial torch views. Axial and radial viewing positions can be automatically optimized and the viewing system may be automatically changed within a method. The plasma system is contained in an EMC enclosure with safety viewing window and fast access, fully interlocked door. The nebulizer, plasma and auxiliary gas to the sample introduction system are supplied and controlled via 3 independent mass follow controllers (MFC). The nebulizer gas is controlled with flows 0-1.5 L/min in 0.01 L/min increments. The auxiliary gas is controlled with flows 0-2 L/min in 0.1 L/min increments the plasma gas is controlled with flows 0-20 L/min in 1 L/min increments.

The collection optics provides automatic entrance slit control to the thermostatted and purged echelle polychromator. The purge gas (Ar or N2) has comprehensive flow control and adjustment for fastest purge down time, whilst maintaining minimum gas usage. The echelle polychromator has an effective focal length of 383mm, and is thermostatically controlled to 38 degrees Celsius. Dispersion is provided by an echelle diffraction grating with 52.91 lines/mm and a cross-dispersing prism providing the spectral image to the CID array detector. Resolution is 7 pm at 200nm.

SSEA <96> Solid State Excitation Accessory allows to analyze the metal samples directly without dissolution.

VSS-1 Lead Calibration Standards series and VSB-16 Babbitt Calibration Standards series from proven sources Victory-Standard Ltd and Multi-Element Calibration Solutions from NPP Skat Ltd have been used for Instrument Calibration.

Lead and Lead-Antimony alloys samples has been measured both directly from metal and after dissolution in HNO3:HF mixture.

There Full Frame spectra have been recorded. They covered all wavelength information from 166 up to 847 nm. Full Frames spectra present any qualitative and semi-quantitative information about all elements in the samples analyzed.

Analytical Spectra Results