Alloyed Metal Powders

Products we supply originate from Sinter Mdd, the shareholding company located in Serbia with production program in the field of powder metallurgy(PM). The company has started with the development of products in PM in PM field in early 1960s and represent one of the pioneers of its kind in this region. The company employs around 200 highly qualified engineers. It is equipped with both air and water atomization, its total powder production capacity sums up to 2500mt per year. The products have been exported not only within Europe but also to Japan as well as U.S. The company is ISO9001 certified by AQA with scope of manufacturing of metal powders.

Copper Powders

Wide range of different qualities of powders with various apparent densities are available.  Each grade is produced from high quality refined copper and it is very carefully fabricated in order to satisfy precisely controlled levels of quality tolerances. These powders are characterized by good flow ability, high green strength values, and they are ideal for the industry of sintered parts. Choices of the most suitable quality will depend on the processing requirements. Other applications of copper powders are in the production of catalysts, electrical contacts, alloying element in iron powders for enhancing strength properties and corrosion resistance and for brazing.

Special qualities of oxide-reduction copper have been lately used as basic metal component in the industry of friction materials.



Bronze Powders

Several classes of powders with different chemical compositions and particle sizes are produced. Thorough alloying of molten constituents enables obtaining homogeneous powders after atomization. The other classes of bronze powders containing nickel and higher percent of tin could be fabricated on request. These powders are widely used in production of porous bronze bearings, sintered structural components of high density, as well as diamond tooldies. Mixed bronze powders:
There is a specially developed range of bronze mixes to satisfy the demands of the porous bearing producers. Using precisely controlled contents of the constituents (graphite, Fe etc.). Uniform mixes are obtained with reproducible apparent density and such properties of sintered bearings or structural components and their dimensional changes as to satisfy the customer's requirements for particular sintering conditions. Lubricants and gr


Brass Powders

Several standard qualities of prealloyed brass powders are available for use in the industry of friction materials and sintered parts. However, powders with other compositions and sieve fractions can be supplied on request. Special application of the brass powder alloyed with 2% of Al is in the production of golden bronze.


Copper Oxides

Copper oxides (Cu2O and CuO)are obtained by oxidation, grinding and separation from pure copper chips. Quality of the oxide is characterized by the percentage of oxygen, grain size and the developed surface. Cuprous oxide Cu2O is most often used as a basic component in the production of anti-fouling paints for vessels, then as a additive in alloying of iron powders, as well as in the production of plant protective.
Copper oxide CuO has most extensive application in the chemical, ceramic and porcelain industry and for special purposes.


Lead Powders

Lead powders are produced by air atomization of molten lead blocks of high purity. We can offer a wide range of qualities with different particle sizes, although we can also produce special qualities on a customer's request. Lead powder is extensively applied in chemical, rubber, ceramic industry, we well as in the industry of friction materials.


Tin Powders

Tin powders are produced by air atomization of molten blocks of high purity. We can offer a wide range of qualities with different sieve analyses and various values of the developed surface. Tin powder of standard quality (200 mesh) is used in the mixes with copper for the manufacture of porous self-lubricating bearings, whereas other qualities have special applications.


Zinc Powders

Zinc based powders are produced by air atomization of molten blocks of high purity. We can offer a wide range of qualities with different sieve fractions, from the powder for friction materials (-630 + 100 microns) to very fine powders under 40 microns. The zinc powder of standard quality is used for zinc electrolysis. However, we have succeeded to develop zinc powder of special quality for electrolysis which contains 0.6-1.2% Pb. In addition zinc powder is used for battery filling, in the industry of paints, for special purposes.